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How you rile me up

I acknowledge that I’ve been rather critical of Pakistan’s nascent media, and have accused it of being more powerful than responsible – in effect exhibiting the same flaw that any powerful institution in Pakistan is all too prone to exhibiting. Regardless, I still respect those media outlets, media personalities, even instances of media reporting, where … Continue reading

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Post-mortem rationalizations…

The media frenzy and political gimmickry after Salmaan Taseer’s assassination, and now Shahbaz Bhatti’s brutal murder, fails to answer questions, and instead, posits more queries and conundrums which are completely uncalled for On the morning of March 02, 2011, Federal Minister for Minorities Affairs, Shahbaz Bhatti, was gunned down near his house in I/8-3 sector … Continue reading

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An American goes to Pakistan

UPDATE: 30 APRIL 2011 Raymond Davis, an American CIA agent who shot two motorcycle gunmen in Lahore earlier this year has been released after ‘blood money’ equivalent to Rs 200 million was paid to the dead men’s families. He was sentenced to the amount of days he had already spent in jail, and also paid … Continue reading

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A ‘contagious’ revolt

ZoneAsia-Pk Could Egypt happen to Pakistan? Since January 25, 2011, the world has been captivated by developments in Egypt. One after the other, like the domino effect, major cities in Egypt erupted in protests, calling for the removal of the Mubarak regime. Reminiscent of the color revolutions that took place in Eastern Europe during the … Continue reading

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Rally to Restore Sanity and Conscience

On Sunday, January 30, 2011, a cross-section of the Pakistani youth gathered at Liberty Chowk, the place where a couple of years ago, a dastardly terrorist attack against the Sri Lankan cricket team occurred. This rally was arranged mainly by the citizens of Lahore, including some civil society organizations who stepped up with the arrangement and … Continue reading

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Death of the ‘Imam’

ZoneAsia-Pk UPDATE: 19-02-2011 The TTP has released a video which shows TTP leader Hakeemullah Mehsud ordering the murder of Colonel Imam by firing squad. While the content of the video is clear – and enclosed below – some have doubted the authenticity of the video, including Lt Gen (R) Hameed Gul and Javed Aziz Khan. … Continue reading

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Middle Class Medievalism and the State

By Ammar Rashid – Taseer’s assassination, and its subsequent response, has renewed interest in the socio-political ethos of our urban middle-classes. Following this larger theme, here’s an excellent opinion piece written by Ammar Rashid on the moral contradictions of this class, and the causes that give rise to these contradictions. (Originally published in The Daily Times … Continue reading

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Rally Against Fear

Disappointed by the turnout. Must be dismal, no? But we are not about numbers; we are about ideas. You can kill a person, you can bomb a crowd. But you can never kill an idea…

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Vigil in memory of Salmaan Taseer

Approximately 2,000 people were in front of the Governor’s House, Mall Road, Lahore, at 5pm today to protest the brutal assassination of Salmaan Taseer and to condemn the atrocities the mullahs and far-right politicians have continually committed on peace-loving, progressive Pakistanis.

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Killing Muslims in Pakistan

By Joseph Hannan – Area 14/8 — Pakistan is not just inhabited by Muslims – there are Pakistani Christians and Pakistani Hindus too, among other faiths, religions and denominations. But for long, they have been suppressed by a specific brand of strict Islam, which is not mainstream, but a fringe minority. Now, this minority has also … Continue reading

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