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Pakistan will prevail

Pakistan is resilient, Pakistan will face all the odds and overcome them. Pakistan will always prevail. Continue reading

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Celebrating Urdu adab and culture

Ali Akbar Natiq captivates both young and old with his powerful oratory and deeply contextualized poems and short stories at a recitation hosted by Kuch Khaas The Friday Times: Published in August 17-23, 2012 edition under the title “It takes a Village…“ In the federal capital of Islamabad, the buzzwords one normally gets to hear are … Continue reading

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Building bridges of peace over rivers of hate – #IYCF2011

Today’s youth must utilize new technologies to reclaim ceded space and foster peace through tolerance in 21st century Muslim societies The Friday Times: Published in November 4, 2011 edition under the title “Generation Next“ For valid and practical reasons, the youth is always the most vibrant, energetic and hopeful constituent of any society. It is … Continue reading

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Fighting the Ideological War

Co-authored with Ali Abbas Zaidi for The Friday Times: Published in July 22, 2011 edition under the title “Countering Radical Ideology“ The process of radicalization in Pakistan, and targeting of its youth by radical elements, has taken hold over a period of three decades. After political organizations began using religion as an implement of social power – … Continue reading

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The Solution to Pakistan’s Problems

We all know what is wrong with Pakistan. We all read the newspapers every day. We watch TV, we watch the anchors and the video clips, we listen to the radio, and with a straight face, we acknowledge that we have become immune to violence, to hatred, to inequality, to greed, and to whatever happens … Continue reading

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How you rile me up

I acknowledge that I’ve been rather critical of Pakistan’s nascent media, and have accused it of being more powerful than responsible – in effect exhibiting the same flaw that any powerful institution in Pakistan is all too prone to exhibiting. Regardless, I still respect those media outlets, media personalities, even instances of media reporting, where … Continue reading

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Post-mortem rationalizations…

The media frenzy and political gimmickry after Salmaan Taseer’s assassination, and now Shahbaz Bhatti’s brutal murder, fails to answer questions, and instead, posits more queries and conundrums which are completely uncalled for On the morning of March 02, 2011, Federal Minister for Minorities Affairs, Shahbaz Bhatti, was gunned down near his house in I/8-3 sector … Continue reading

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Rally to Restore Sanity and Conscience

On Sunday, January 30, 2011, a cross-section of the Pakistani youth gathered at Liberty Chowk, the place where a couple of years ago, a dastardly terrorist attack against the Sri Lankan cricket team occurred. This rally was arranged mainly by the citizens of Lahore, including some civil society organizations who stepped up with the arrangement and … Continue reading

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Middle Class Medievalism and the State

By Ammar Rashid – Taseer’s assassination, and its subsequent response, has renewed interest in the socio-political ethos of our urban middle-classes. Following this larger theme, here’s an excellent opinion piece written by Ammar Rashid on the moral contradictions of this class, and the causes that give rise to these contradictions. (Originally published in The Daily Times … Continue reading

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A new perspective

Excerpt “His concept of God is a finite (panentheistic) one, and is arrived at largely by a superficial and uncritical reading of western science and philosophy. The chief philosophical influences are those of Hegel, Whitehead and Bergson. There is both misunderstanding as well as distortion, no doubt unconscious, on Iqbal’s part. The weakest part of … Continue reading

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