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This Zimmedar Shehri project is not related in any way, shape or form to the Government of the Punjab’s “Zimmedar Shehri” mobile-based public response feedback (0800-02345). Due to a lapse in the “Zimmedar Shehri” license as per the Societies Registration Act of 1860, and the failure of “Zimmedar Shehri” office-bearers to renew the license in time, the trademark “Zimmedar Shehri” became vacant, and is now being put to good use by the Punjab Information Technology Board: helping citizens realize their responsibilities in providing feedback to the government; breaching the divide between government and citizenry; and offering a public hotline for citizens to be empowered by informing the government about what needs to be done where.

If you would like to find out what the original “Zimmedar Shehri” environmental activism group used to do, please continue reading…





Copyrights 2009 Zimmedar Shehri

The first five ‘Zimmedar Shehris’ were inspired by traffic violations. We were inspired by trash. And we were inspired by the fact that the country we love is home to one of the largest slum populations in the world.

Since it’s foundation, our country has suffered military rule, political turmoil and now terrorism. These are forces which keep Pakistan in the international headlines, but do little to meaningfully effect the day to day lives of her citizens.

That is what we wish to do.

We wish to nurture in every one of our countrymen a community spirit – whether this be through working shoulder to shoulder with him in clearing up year-old refuse from his marketplace; whether this be by convincing the neighbourhood imam to stock books in his masjid for the young to read; whether this be by bringing young doctors to slums to treat for free; whether this be by collecting a handful of food from an affluent house with which to fill the palms of the hungry down the street.

We can only rise as a nation when we understand that we must live together and die together, and that a community we build is a source of strength, while a community we allow to decay will forever be our greatest weakness. We must bring people together. We must teach our men and women to love their soil as dearly as they love their own home.

This is our mission. This is our movement: to tell you that the success of our country depends on you. That the responsiblity to fix it lies with you.

That the responsibility to make it a good nation – a great nation, lies with you.

It is for this mission that these first five responsible citizens lay down their pockets, their hearts, their minds and it is a mission to which, if necessary, they will devote their lives.

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These are images from “Take Out The Trash”, a weekly waste management activity that enlists the help of volunteers and members of the community in cleaning up a common area of Lahore. Social responsibility is best exercised by cleaning up your own mess, in more ways than one!

This is the April 03, 2011 edition [Full album available on Flickr]:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Subtitles coming soon!!!

The first interview video, featuring Usama Mahmood:

Sher Ali‘s interview

Then two video compilations

Jalal Hussain‘s interview:

Sanwal Ghani’s interview:

A short speech by Murtaza Khwaja after Take Out The Trash on April 03, 2011:

And a video compilation with a Junoon soundtrack:

Please share your comments, views and suggestions.



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