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What a LOOOONG Slumber!!!

Dear readers,

I am SO VERY SORRY for the almost FIVE YEARS since I have posted ANYTHING on my WordPress!

It has been a looong and bumpy ride, with more downs than ups, but praise be to Allah that I still have a lot to be thankful for – even though my heart is not at rest and my soul is not at peace… But more on that later.

Since I’ve been gone, Pakistan has had an entire regime change: the PPP government completed its tenure – despite PM Gillani being disqualified by the Supreme Court – and handed over the reins to the PML-N in what seemed to follow the exact script (if not the letter and spirit) of the “Charter of Democracy”.

Then three years into the PML-N tenure, an international data leak from a Panamanian company called Mossack Fonseca revealed how much money (EX) Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, his sons, and his relatives and cronies, had amassed abroad – amounts of money that never did match any sources of income that the Sharif family revealed or claimed to have revealed. And after a year long case heard by five senior judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan – which actually constituted a Joint Investigation Team (the now-famous JIT) to thoroughly investigate the Sharif family’s wealth and money trail; in effect giving the Sharif family (i.e. the ruling family or shaahi khandaan as they are now known) yet another opportunity to provide all the proofs and prove to the people of Pakistan that they were being targeted by a so-called international conspiracy because the Nawaz government went ahead with CPEC and he is being made to suffer for it.

In FACT! What transpired was that our former Prime Minister, the Chief Executive of our nuclear-powered nation, was a bearer of an ‘iqama’ document: a work permit which allows a person to undertake commercial activities in the United Arab Emirates, a country which still guards the financial information and tax income of its citizens very ferociously. The implication is that Ex-PM and now convicted Nawaz Sharif, and most of his senior cabinet members who also possess an ‘iqama’, are money-launderers who use their status as workers/businessmen in the UAE to launder their monies throughout the world without any real check or balance from any international agency.


When General Pervez Musharraf wanted to be President as well as Army Chief, EVERYONE said that he is not permitted by law to hold an office of profit. Well, our third-time-elected AND now disqualified-for-life Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was concurrently serving as a ‘Marketing Manager’ for Capital FZE in Jebel Ali Free Zone, and was also promoted to the position of “Chairman of the Board”. As such, he was entitled to a salary of AED 10,000/- per month: now, Mr. Sharif claims that he has been disqualified because he did not take money from his son.

Such is the sheer stupidity of the arguments presented by a convicted felon to save his own skin and act without remorse to prove his point to his cronies and his quislings. As Prime Minister of Pakistan, you are not allowed to take money from ANYONE in ANY MANNER that may jeopardize the due discharge of the functions of the office of the Prime Minister – who clearly swears in his oath upon entering the office that he will not allow his/her personal interest(s) to influence his/her official conduct or (affect) his/her official decisions. 

So even being eligible to withdraw a salary from a foreign company while concurrently serving as Prime Minister of Pakistan does not save one from the oath one made upon entering office: in fact, if it were a Pakistani company, things might have been much cooler because it would be an ‘in-house’ matter.

Who knows how much money has passed through Capital FZE and sooooo many other front companies and shell companies created by the Sharif empire throughout the world; what favors would have been paid for and promised to which people from which countries? Would the Chairman of Capital FZE have ever thought of doing business with people who wish to ideologically or physically harm Pakistan? The Prime Minister of Pakistan shouldn’t, and a conscientious PM wouldn’t.

BUT a private person can make any promises in any capacity and – if he or she is in a position of power – can also get away with it: unless he or she gets caught because of the sheer stupidity of keeping everything in one’s relatives names, and not generating back-dated documents to show the growth of such exorbitant wealth, and not even taking the second chance offered by the Supreme Court via the JIT and being aggressive and confrontational. PM Gillani was never given a second chance to prove he was being loyal to his oath by not violating the Constitution and sending a letter to a foreign organization to investigate a sitting President!

Which reminds me: how high is the upper hand of former President Zardari now? 11 years in jail, not one case proven (thanks to NRO) and none will ever be proven because everything has been made squeaky clean during the Zardari regime of 2008-13. The “poor guy” couldn’t even manipulate elections in his own favor while he was a sitting President: just goes to show that democracy REALLY is the BEST revenge 😉

THAT’S what Nawaz Sharif would have realized and understood when Zardari said “No, the PPP and I are NOT going to support you”. President Zardari should have continued and said, “how DARE you ask me for help, you convict! I have spent 11 years in jail on trumped up charges and NOTHING has been proven against me. You have been convicted by the highest court of law in the nation, and you DARE to approach ME, a former President, the one who gave all the powers BACK to the Parliament that you never even visited unless there was a dharna going on outside or a foreign dignitary was visiting! You are a manipulator and we will NOT be used by you anymore. There is NO threat to democracy if you are not PM – but if you threaten to create problems for the democratic process, then you will REALLY find yourself alone: and neither Achakzai nor Fazlu will come to help you because they only go after the rising star and don’t waste their time on has-been’s like you!”

Now THAT would’ve been SOME conversation, huh? 😀


Do press the like button if you like this post – or if you just like the fact that I’m back 😀 😀 – and also share your thoughts in the comments below. Should Zardari have supported Nawaz or not? Should Nawaz have even asked Zardari for help? If there was money involved, how much do you think was offered and demanded?

Please FEEL FREE! I am DESPERATELY awaiting your comments to see what the nation actually thinks of these “leaders” HA!



En Route to Critical Mass

  • The Concerned Citizens of Pakistan (CCP) held a protest today against the brutal extrajudicial murder of Pakistani citizen Sarfaraz Shah by troops of the Sindh Rangers. This gruesome act was caught on videotape by a brave journalist who is now in hiding alongwith his family, and it became the center of national attention for two reasons: one, that when Sarfaraz was shot by security forces, he was unarmed and begging for his life, and two, that the security forces let a citizen of their own country die painfully while they watched him bleed. (more…)
  • On Sunday, January 30, 2011, a cross-section of the Pakistani youth gathered at Liberty Chowk, the place where a couple of years ago, a dastardly terrorist attack against the Sri Lankan cricket team occurred. This rally was arranged mainly by the citizens of Lahore, including some civil society organizations who stepped up with the arrangement and local mobilizations, and with gathering people who are not even computer literate. As per the attendance list on Facebook, around 600 people were expected to attend the rally. (more…)
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